The live course is often a few days course up to 5 at the most and you will get too much information at one go and very little time to practice on live models, to be able to do all the different styles of lash sets, work on layers and or even do a masterpiece for a competition or championship you would have to do at least 5 to 10 sets if not more. Most live courses are in a group with one tutor to watch over a few girls. Which again is a disadvantage. With Wellty Lash Courses you have all the manuals which stay with you and you can read them whenever you want, you have video lessons that are professionally shot, so you can see everything clearly and all the information explained in the very last details and of course again you can refer to whenever you feel the need to. On top of that, you have video calls when is suitable with your tutor as many times as you feel the need to, we work with you until you reach your confidence and we feel confident to leave you and work on your own to manage any client’s needs. You will have the Facebook group for life which is designed to support all the lash techs that have trained with us and exchange experiences with them. And most importantly there is no time limit to finish your course-we live and learn all the time

There are several different types of learning styles, including:

Visual learners: These learners prefer to see information presented in a visual format, such as through diagrams, charts, or videos.
Auditory learners: These learners prefer to hear information presented through lectures, discussions, or audio recordings.
Kinesthetic learners: These learners prefer hands-on learning and learn best through physical activities, such as experiments or demonstrations.
Reading/Writing learners: These learners prefer to learn through reading and writing, such as by taking notes or reading textbooks.
Social learners: These learners prefer to learn in groups or with other people, such as through discussions, debates, or group projects. And in Wellty Academy we cover them all.