It is a great honour for us to have so talented and diligent students. Starting a career is really easy thanks to your efforts and skills.
Thank you!

Most importantly, in the comfort of your home, completely online, we can get something that would take a long time

It’s an honour to know Tanya and to have her as my mentor. I enrolled in the course with great desire. I was a little worried at first that it would be online, but as soon as I saw that everything was presented very well in the videos, I had no doubts. Tanya is always available for tips and help, any time, she even answers questions over the phone. The most important thing is that we can get in the comfort of our home, something that would take a long time. As a person working full-time, I would hardly find time other than online. I’m fascinated by everything, I’m honoured. “

Malina Kuzmanova – Individual Lash Extensions Graduate

I am really grateful that I found Tanya

“The best course I’ve been to. Tanya is a very good teacher, she didn’t leave me for a second, answered all my questions and taught me all the tricks. Very competent and friendly, even now, 2 years after the course, she still answers my questions and gives me advice. I’m so glad I found her. “

Mariya Ivanova

She didn’t give up on me, even when I didn’t believe in myself

“If you are looking for an eyelash extensions mentor, you are at the right spot. My adventure in the lash world started with Tanya Boseva and continues until now. To master a skill you should study with patience and have a patient teacher. That was how it all happened and Tanya’s lessons paid off, I now have a profession that I love and still do. Tanya didn’t doubt me and my skills, even for a second. She did not give up on me, even when I did not believe in myself. Thank you, Tanya. “

Radostina Serafimova – beauty salon owner

I’m very impressed, by Tanya’s exceptional professionalism

“I also do nails. And I know it’s extremely difficult to find good lash extension materials. But Tanya told me where to get everything I needed: tweezers, eyelashes, glue. I was very impressed. Tanya manages to predispose the student. She is not only a very good professional but also a very good friend. “

Mariana Radeva

The course was extremely comprehensive

“I took the individual lash extensions course with Tanya in 2019. The course was extremely comprehensive. After graduation, Tanya continued to be my mentor. She continued to motivate me, she is a great motivator. For anyone who is hesitating, with 2 hands I recommend: Tanya, she’s the best teacher. Thank you, Tanya. “

Mariana Stefanova – Beauty Salon Owner & PMU

Tanya is a great teacher

“The first thing that impressed me about Tanya Boseva was her professionalism and the professional level she was at in London.
Tanya has a very important quality, she manages to see your potential and helps you develop it. I wish success to all who have decided to choose Tanya. Believe me, you are in the right hands. “

Nadia Kumanova – a visiting beautician in London

It is very important for a mentor to give you confidence and peace of mind – Tanya does just that

Many years ago I was lucky to hear about Tanya and her work. Soon I was on a lash course led by her. The training took place in a very friendly atmosphere. By choosing Tanya as a mentor, you are choosing a mentor for life. She studied not only during training but very long after.

Vesna Ivanova – Professional Beautician

No matter which course you take with Tanya, she is very demanding and will really do her best to give you the best knowledge and tips.

I want to recommend Tanya with 2 hands. I have known her for more than 6 years. I took a Manicure and Pedicure course and then an Eyelash Course. I like that she is very demanding of the people she teaches because she really wants to teach them something, and to the highest standard. Not just to give you a certificate and leave you to yourself after that.

Victoria Dimova – Beautician

The course is a pleasure because it is calm and made-easy

“Tanya is an exceptional professional in every way! She has this quality of a teacher that motivates and inspires you. During the course (and even after that) she always supports and helps you. The course is a pleasure because it is very easy, and calm without any pressure. And, last but not least, Tanya is very friendly to her students. I am grateful to know her and I had the pleasure to work with her and also have her as a friend.”

Nadia Kumanova

Tanya is a professional and perfectionist who loves what she does

“Our training was extremely pleasant and, most importantly, fruitful. Tanya is a perfectionist, who loves what she does. She is a person who has found her calling. She continues to find time to answer my questions for a long time after graduation, for which I am very grateful. This was something new for me, I started worrying (whether I would be able to handle it) and then she helped me gain self-confidence. I would like to wish her much success in the future, to remain such a good person, friend and professional. Thank you!!!”

Vesna Ivanova

I acquired the skills I wanted to learn

“The course I took with Tanya was extremely interesting and fruitful, thanks to her professionalism and perfectionism. It was a great time with her. Her patience and positivism motivated me and helped me acquire the skills I wanted to learn. I am sincerely grateful to her! ”

Stanimira Bunardzhieva

am a proud owner of a salon in London and I owe much of my success to Tanya's course

“I want to express my great gratitude to Tanya Boseva and help whoever is looking for the right teacher.” A few years ago I took a course on Volume eyelashes with Tanya. My training did not end with the successful completion of the course. Tanya was so good at helping me choose products to work with. She recommends me to clients and to this day she still gives me advice when needed. I have many happy clients now. I am a proud owner of a beauty salon in London and I owe much of my success to her, as my work speaks for itself.

Maria Beyers

Even after my courses, if I have a question, Tanya is always there

“Years ago I had the honour to meet Tanya for my first nails training. I can say that she is a very good professional. She is careful and explains very well, but also quite demanding, too. She likes things to be perfectly done. Then, because I know she’s the best and she’ll teach me well, in what I do, I enrolled in an eyelash training course. She proved that I had made the right choice. Even after my courses, if I have a question for her, she is always there. Many thanks to Tanya. For everything. She is also an amazing person. ”

Victoria Dimova

Thank you for helping me grow in the field of manicure

Thanks to Tanya, I was able to complete a manicure course, which I was postponing. She was the person who encouraged me to work professionally. Thank you for believing in me and whenever I had questions, she was there for me and gave me advice, and feedback and helped me grow in the field of manicure. ”

Ani Hristova

I will continue developing my skills

“I could not recommend Tanya enough! If you are looking for a professional and friendly way to learn your new skills as a nail or lash technician. I fully enjoyed my courses, I learned so much from Tanya. Her experience in this industry is unmatched! Tanya made me feel talented and I am so happy that I chose to study with her and embark on my new endeavours. I will continue developing my skills. Thank you!”

Mariana Dobreva

Photos from previous trainings and workshops

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