Beautiful and long eyelashes are the key to expressive and attractive eyes. This makes false eyelashes more and more popular. They give a long-lasting and seductive look that lasts for days, not hours. Eyelash extensions require care and maintenance to keep their perfect shape and look attractive.

Here are some tips from mentor Tanya Boseva on caring for your classic lash extensions or as a lash specialist to advise your clients to maintain them for a better and long-lasting look.

How to properly clean and maintain eyelashes professionally, you can also see as part of our classic lash extensions course or the All Lash Extensions Methods Course.

Basic rules for maintaining classic / individual lash extensions:

First, avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours after application.

Then clense your eyelashes every day morning and night, and you can combine it with facial cleansing.

You should not use heavy cosmetics in the eye area as this can damage the eyelashes.

Try not to touch your lashes too much, especially right after application.

Be careful when removing makeup so as not to damage the eyelashes.

If problems arise, contact your lash technician immediately.

How to clean classic eyelashes

To clean lash extensions, you should use a soft brush or a special eyelash brush.

Never use tweezers or other sharp tools that can damage the eyelashes.

Apply a small amount of shampoo/eyelash cleansing foam to the brush and gently apply it to the eyelashes, avoiding pressing or rubbing them.

If the eyelashes are too dirty, repeat the cleaning with the special shampoo/foam for eyelashes.

Classic Lashes Maintenance at home

To keep your lash extensions beautiful, you need to maintain them regularly.

How long you can enjoy your eyelashes depends on how you take care of them.

Washing your eyelashes is very important for their durability.

Avoid pressing or rubbing them hard Plucking and pulling eyelashes is also prohibited.

If you notice that lashes have loosened or started to fall out, contact your lash specialist for cleaning and maintenance.

How often should classic eyelashes be cleaned?

We recommend cleaning and brushing your lashes daily – morning and night and especially if you wear make-up.

What products should I use to clean lash extensions?

Use a special eyelash cleaning foam for best results.

Avoid oils or products containing oils as they will damage the look of the lashes and possibly loosen them.

Care and maintenance of lash extensions may sound like hard work, but the result is definitely worth the effort.

When you know how to take care of your eyelashes, they will look beautiful and healthy for longer.

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