Lash extensions have become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. They give you long, voluminous lashes without the hassle of applying mascara or falsies every day.

There are two main types of lash extensions: individual – classic method and 3D volume eyelashes. Let’s discuss the differences between the two and which method might be best for you or your clients.

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Mentor Tanya Boseva shares the main differences in lash application, the advantages, and disadvantages of each lash extension method for both clients and eyelash professionals.

What are Individual Classic Lashes?

Individual classic lashes are the oldest and most traditional way of applying lash extensions. They consist of a single extension being applied to each of the natural lashes. The extensions are typically thicker at the base and taper off towards the end, mimicking the natural shape of lashes.

Individual Classic Lashes Application Process

The application process for individual classic lashes is relatively straightforward and easy. Lash artists will isolate each of the natural lashes and apply a single extension to them. Therefore, it’s called individual. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on how many lashes should be placed and how well-trained the lash artist is.

Pros of Individual Classic Lashes

  • Natural-looking
  • Great for beginners
  • Easier to maintain

Cons of Individual Classic Lashes

  • Limited volume
  • Can look sparse if the client doesn’t have many natural lashes

What are 3D Volume Lashes?

3D lashes are a newer type of lash extension that has become increasingly popular. They’re also known as volume lashes or Russian volume lashes because they give you a more voluminous look than classic lashes. Lash artists will apply multiple extensions to each of the natural lashes, creating a fuller, fluffier look.

Volume 3D Lashes Application Process

The application process for 3D lashes is more intricate than individual classic lashes Lash artists will create a fan of 3-4 extensions and apply them to a single natural lash. This process can take longer than individual classic lashes, typically lasting around 2-3 hours.

Pros of 3D Lashes

  • More voluminous and fluffier
  • Can create a customized look
  • Opportunity to create impressive different looks
  • Great for those with sparse natural lashes
  • Looks great in photos

Cons of 3D Lashes

  • Not as natural-looking
  • Not ideal for beginners

Which One is Right for You or Your Clients?

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and what you or your client want to achieve as a result. If you’re looking for a more natural look, individual classic lashes may be the way to go. If you want more volume or a personalized look, 3D Russian Volume Lashes will be more suitable.
Eyelash extensions save a lot of time and effort when it comes to everyday makeup and looks. Whether you choose individual classic lashes or 3D lashes, both can give you the results you’re looking for. Consider the pros and cons of each and decide which fits your preferred style. Most lash tech courses focus on one basic method – keep in mind that Russian volume requires a little more effort to master the techniques and pre-make the fans.

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