Professional Lash Training up to International Competitions Level

Fully accredited eyelash extensions courses with Tanya Boseva – Awarded Top 3 Lash Educator of 2022. Videos with all the details, and individual practice sessions with the constant supervision of a mentor.   

Top Level Lash Tech Course - All Methods

Theory & Private Practice Sessions with Tanya Boseva + UK Accredited International Certification

The training is enough for you to start working with clients with the required precision, confidence, and ease. You can also participate successfully in international lash competitions. The certification is with Professional Beauty Direct UK – internationally recognised & fully acrredited.

Tanya Boseva Finalist @ UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2023 - Education Excellence

Tanya Boseva wins 3rd Place –
Lash Educator of the Year 2022

Tanya Boseva is the 3rd best Lash Educator in the world according to the international ranking of Artistic Lash Awards 2022 (Artistic Fur Official). Wellty Academy ranked 4th as a top lash brand of the year.


The course is practically oriented, Tanya Boseva works 1-on-1 with each student

until they reach the required skill level & confidence to work with even the most demanding clients. 

“I am proud to be on the Wellty Academy team. Thanks to Tanya Boseva for the training and dedication I received during the course and continue to receive. This is my first time at a world competition and I can’t describe how happy I am that I managed to even get an award. Only with two months of experience, as an eyelash technician, I took third place in the Classic Lashes Junior category. Thank you!”

Petya Antonova

Completed: Individual Classic Lash Extensions course, 1st place Classic Lash Junior Global VegaBeauty US 2021, 3 place Classic Lash junior - ARTIST SUPREME 2021

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Certification is earned once the student has personally acquired all practical skills & knowlledge and is ready for real clients.

The course main goal is to help you learn all the small details through multiple practice sessions. You can master every single lash extensions method within a month and start working with clients. 

“Thanks to Tanya Boseva for the comprehensive and so well presented information in each video. Extremely good demonstration of each technique. I am glad that I chose to take my first step in the field of eyelash extensions, under the watchful online guidance of Tanya.”

Malina Kuzmanova

Completed: Individual Classic Lash Extensions & Russian Volume Extensions, awarded 3rd place Classic Junior Lash Diamond 2020

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Looking for a change of career?
Want to start your own business?

Your success is our goal

If you are already in the beauty and wellness sphere
Want to increase your income and boost your skills?
Want to be more independent and learn something new?
or just want to be able to professionally care for your own lash extensions or nails?
Invest in yourself and your future.
Wellty Academy gives you all these.

Fully Accredited Professional Beauty Courses - focusing on your practical skills

Certificates by Professional Beauty Direct UK - recognised internationally

Individual 1-on-1 sessions with your lash trainer to help you achieve high professional skills level

You can master every single lash extensions method within a month and start working with clients

Helping you in your professional realisation after completing the course

Why Choose Wellty Academy for Lash Extensions courses?

Because it is up to you: when, where and how.

With Wellty Academy – you can learn the theory and pass your tests in the comfort of your home, or salon, whenever you have the time. Allowing you to grasp even the tiniest details, thanks to the professionally recorded video lessons.

It is up to you – to decide when you are ready for a practical exam. You can practice at home with a model during a video call with your mentor. Mentor Tanya Boseva will help you get the confidence and precision needed to be ready to practice on a model within just a few weeks. Tanya Boseva will gladly reply to all your questions, anytime. How long does the course take? – It is up to you. Most students complete each method for a month.

Soon after graduation, you can directly start to work as a lash technician.

Are the courses accredited?

Yes! Your mentor – Tanya Boseva – accredited by Professional Beauty Direct UK and in Top 3 Lash Educators in the world for 2022. Tanya has trained over 900 students for lash extensions in the last 11 years in London and abroad. Courses are professionally recorded in accordance with all international requirements. You get the unique chance to join a high standard education programme, recognised internationally, just from the comfort of your couch.

How long does the course take?

Realistically and at a normal pace, the course can be completed within 1 month. It is really all up to you. You can try to complete the course in a week or two, we have students that have succeeded with it. The video theory part can be completed in a week. The practise sessions are up to you, to schedule with the mentor, but usually you can do them all within 2 weeks tops.

How is the training carried out?

Courses include a video theoretical part and online practice sessions. The theory is divided into subtopics and made as visual as possible, for your convenience. The next step is an online theory test, via Zoom or WhatsApp at your convenience. After the theory is the practical part. You’ll first practice on a sponge, thread or doll’s head for eyelash extensions – or on yourself for manicures and pedicures. You will have feedback from your mentor at all times and you are free to ask questions in the work process. Once you are ready for the real practice with a model – you can ask a friend, or a relative to be your model, and this will also be done under the video supervision of your mentor with feedback. Next is the practical exam and the most enjoyable part – graduation.

Will I receive support after completing the course?

Your mentor – Tanya Boseva, will guide and advise you on difficulties and questions even after completing the course. You get a mentor for life.

Where can I start work after completing a course?

Your certificate from Professional Beauty Direct UK gives you the opportunity to work both in the UK & in the EU. You can start your own business or work in a salon or just from home.

Will I get help finding a job?

After successfully completing the course, we can help connect you with salons and businesses in the UK. Very soon we will be able to offer work in the countries in the EU.

More About Tanya Boseva

Your Mentor Tanya Boseva is: judge of international eyelash extensions competitions, with over 20 years of experience in the field and with special international accreditation from Professional Beauty Direct.

“Lash extensions are my vocation and you can see for yourself what you achieve by really loving what you do.

I have been conducting trainings since 2006 and so far I have taught mainly in London, at my own USPAAH Academy. I have trained over 900 students in 11 years. Most of them already have their own beauty salons in the UK and abroad.

I have worked with many celebrities like: the Spice Girls, Rita Ora, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook, Adele, Dr. Angie Kassabie and more. I was a make-up artist at Fashion Week in London and Paris, in photo shoots for magazines (Sunday Times), videos, movies, commercials and theater productions.

I am often invited to join the jury team of international lash extensions & nail competitions, where I rate the work of very advanced professionals in the field. I have recently won 3rd place as Top Lash Educator of 2022 by the Artistic Lash League and I also have several international nominations for educator of the Year and many awards for the best judge. “

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